Everything is multiply determined.

Magic Happens.

Live entertainment is the difference between an average party and an exceptional event.

Let Professor Miller magically transform your good party into an exceptional event.

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Professor Miller offers a variety of magical entertainments ranging from intimate close-up performances for hospitality suites to birthday parties for children to small stage performances for groups and business. Your needs determine the program and every effort is made to guarantee your satisfaction.

With the addition of premiums like party bags and balloon animals for children or theme-specific magic for your special occasion, Professor Miller will turn your event into a most memorable occasion.

Cups and  Balls

Nothing is as it seems.

Professor Miller began performing magic for various occasions when he was a teenager in the Bangor, Maine area back in the 1970s. He continued to perform while earning his Bachelor's degree in Theater at the University of Maine. After school, he worked first as a potter and later as a paramedic. His love for magic and performing has never diminished, and now he makes himself available whenever an opportunity to perform presents itself.

Professor Miller is based in Blue Hill, Maine.


World of Professor Miller
Cups and Balls
Cups and Balls