Professor Miller's Premiums

Balloon animals are a sure-fire crowd pleaser at all childrens' events. This service is included with Premium-level shows or can be purchased separately. Please be sure to specify the number of attendees to assure an adequate supply of these delightful figures.

Balloons are made of latex.





















Colorful bags full of party favors, candies and small toys are just the thing to complement a child’s special day. Professor Miller will supply party bags for a per-bag charge. Eight party bags are included in the cost of a premium-level birthday party show. Sugar-free candy is available if requested.

Professor Miller's Party Bags
Party Bags























Do you want your guests to remember your company logo or slogan long after they leave your party? Would you like to have your CEO or guest of honor appear from out of nowhere?

Professor Miller can work with you to develop custom effects for your event that will leave an indelible memory with all who attend.

Want to be remembered? Call Professor Miller!

Professor Miller's Custom Illusions
Custom Magic